My purpose & passion is to help you

liberate yourself

from anything & everything that holds you back from creating the life your
soul desires!

I am OBSESSED with liberating ourselves from our social conditioning & embodying our authentic nature, our soul's true essence.

I’ve studied the mind/psyche & human social behavior for over 18 years. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology & a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family (aka Relational) Counseling.

I am a lifelong learner & I've been on my own 12+ year self-led journey of deepening my understanding of consciousness, spirituality, healing, personal development, vibrational energy and how to embrace the cycles of life.

 I’m on a mission to HEAL & LIBERATE, myself & others, ever deepening & expanding and live a wildly authentic life!

Due to all I've learned along the way, I was also able to completely transform my life! 

Waitressing with a Master’s degree or working a low-paying, high-stress corporate mental health job

Followed my dream to start my own business, doing my soul work in the world and being paid abundantly for it!


Here’s a snapshot of
my personal transformation:

Single for 7 years, from ages 24-31, dating men who were not right for me & never aligning with what my soul truly wanted in partnership

Entered in soul-connection relationship in 2016, had a child together, separated amicably & now coparent beautifully.
Currently in another conscious relationship with my live-in partner whom absolutely adores me for my True Self. 



Periods of deep depression and
alcohol addiction

Still get "down" sometimes but am mentally resilient & overall joyful; 2 years of sobriety then reworked my relationship with alcohol

Numbing/distracting myself with alcohol, food, social media, romantic drama 

Improved self-awareness & major healing around this issue; my focus now is on BALANCE




Craving deep spiritual connection & felt incapable of living my highest potential 

I feel deeply connected to the Divine and am actively embodying my Highest Self 



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Want to know more of the story?! 



my driving "why?"

My wish for humanity is that every single person return to their Soul’s Truth and live in accordance with those beliefs.

After many years of deep diving into my own inner world, I discovered my Soul’s Core Truths. These were things I KNEW coming here but that got over-written during childhood by all my social programming.

I rediscovered that:


is the most powerful energy force in the universe.



divine love is within us; it is the essential nature of our


using divine love...

and the power inherent within our souls, we can do miraculous things!


Using this power, the human mind can be reprogrammed and reset to the energetic frequency of LOVE instead of fear and separation.


 The energetic frequency of LOVE includes so many things but here are just a few:


connection to all things, radiating compassion/kindness, respect for all of life’s diversity, all-knowing wisdom, all-encompassing healing capacity, balance, unimaginable strength and resilience, cyclic growth/evolution, peace, grace, joy, and so much more!

once your mind... 

and energetic body are set to the frequency of love, you can create your life (and anything in it!) from a place of power, alignment, ease and joy.


how i can help

Fun Facts about Shanella

Fun Facts

self-care must-haves:

solitude, being in nature, dancing, writing/journaling,
super hot baths

I totally adore

sunsets/the light of dusk, baby/toddler giggles & cinnamon dolce soy lattes

 spiritual teachers who woke me up

Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Pema Chodron, Marianne Williamson, Jeff Foster

 my modern female
 role models

Danielle Laporte, Glennon Doyle, Marie Forleo, Sarah Jenks, Sarah Durham Wilson

astrology profile 

Sun in Leo ~ Scorpio Rising ~ Moon in Virgo
(intense and powerful placements!)

Sun in Leo ~ Scorpio Rising ~
Moon in Virgo 
(intense & powerful placements!)

how I got my name

My dad’s name is Shane & my mom’s name is Marcella so they combined the two to create Shanella...
totally one of a kind!