in Asheville, NC

In Person Intensive

Then this is for you!

Are you ready for a quantum break-through?

Do you want to EMBODY the women you know you’re evolving into?

Do you want powerful coaching + an energetic experience to uplevel your entire life?

Imagine a spa day at the luxury Grove Park Inn?

Or hiking to breathtaking views and waterfalls?

Or a sound healing session after getting a birth chart reading?
Whatever your soul desires, let’s CREATE THE EXPERIENCE in Asheville!
Completely individually tailored to YOUR personal “ideal day”!

This is for women who...

Are 100% committed to personal healing, growth & transformation.

Feel “pulled” to work with me in-person and/or to experience the profound magic of Asheville, NC.

Want to energetically FEEL the upleveling experience of embodiment of their Higher Self 

Who are willing to dive deep into their psyche, address whatever they find in the moment, be met with immense love and compassion for wherever they are in their journey AND be pushed towards their innate divinity, power, wisdom and truth.

In-depth pre-session questionnaire so I’m completely aware of your current life struggles & soul dreams

What's included...

30 min phone session to plan & set our goals for the experience

An experiential activity of your choice to allow you to experience the life-shifting power of EMBODIMENT

Laser-focused in-person transformational coaching;
we deep-dive into…

+ Your limiting beliefs, childhood wounds & shadows

+ Your divine connection & soul alignment

+ Your ultimate dreams for your life

+ Strategy to take bold action

... and anything else that comes up in the moment!

Not included: accommodations
and/or travel to Asheville, NC

total experience 4-6 hours

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Investment starts at $444