UnderWorld Metamorphosis

Group Coaching Program

your soul is calling you 

A 12 week sacred container for a small group of women ready to 

This is a deep transformative journey that involves DEATH & REBIRTH

You are so much MORE than your patriarchal social conditioning is allowing you to be!

It's time to let go of your ego's "safety mechanisms", the one's  keeping you small, quiet, pleasing and ultimately discontent with your life.

You cannot live in the box of "shoulds" or the status quo any longer. This feeling has been gnawing on you a long time.


She yearns to be free, to be fully expressed. She wants to share her authentic essence, her unique gifts/medicine with the world!

Her insistence has been getting louder and louder. Difficult things are happening in your life. She's trying to get thru to you... "I cannot live in this cage any longer"!
It is time to heed her call.

Journey Below/Within.
Let what is meant to die, die.
Be reborn. 

Next live round begins March 2022
Group call time TBD - all recorded if you can't make it live

Will you journey with us?

The Alchemical Process

honest evaluation


Week1) Opening Ceremony~ Welcome~ Outline Journey~ Group Introductions & sharing

Week 2) Intro to Wounded Archetypes (e.g. inner child, inner judge, inner sabotager, inner peace-keeper etc.) Identify maladaptive coping strategies, old identities, masks, roles, etc. that are no longer serving you. Evaluation: what "self" do I want/need/am willing to let go of? 

Week 3) Alchemize Resistance:
These aspects of you will not give up power/control without some resistance. I lead you thru an experiential activity to ally with them to work thru potential challenges.

Week 4) Personal Integration & individual session if desired


integrate &

integrate & alchemize

Week1) Intro of myth of Inanna & how we will use her UnderWorld Journey as a roadmap; guided visualization thru 1st 3 gates 

Week 2) Continue conscious release: guided visualization thru last 4 gates of UnderWorld & what you are sacrificing/ releasing to move thru each gate. Honoring each shadow & it's gift.  

Week 3) Annihilation: Face your dark goddess sister-self Ereshkigal stripped naked. 
Much like Kali, she cuts away anything false. All that remains is your essential Self. 

Week 4) Personal Integration & individual session with VIP upgrade


Week1) Retrieval: our spirit allies travel to UnderWorld; compassionate witness to Ereshkigal's birthing pains; what "Self" wants to be born?

Week 2) Rebirth~ Receive Ereshkigal's Gifts: for your compassion she releases Inanna's (your) corpse; what "nourishment" is needed for your revival?

Week 3) Ascension: Integration visualization~ travel back up thru UnderWorld & receive "gift" at each gate

Week 4) Final integration assignment with email & What'sApp support


whole self embodiment

whole self embodiment

By the end of program, you have TRANSFORMED. The final homework assignment addresses integrating, embodying & maintaining the “new you”. This includes continuously taking soul-aligned action that is meaningful to YOU. We address possible self-sabotage & old lifestyle triggers and are pro-active by having a plan in place to redirect you back to your Truth. Your life becomes a practice of embodiment of your Highest Self... and you receive all the gifts that come with that!

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Are you ready?! 

what we work through together




& ascend


Hi loves, I'm Shanella

I'm a holistic psychotherapist, soul-aligned transformation coach, shadow weaver & alchemist. 

I've been studying the mind/psyche & human social behavior for 18 years. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's degree in Marriage & Family (aka Relational) Counseling.

I have been through my own personal UnderWorld Journey several times. I've studied & worked with the myth of Inanna for over 3 years. 

I'm a compassionate and powerful space holder for "darkness". I can witness the pain and not turn away.

I am steady in always reminding you... you can heal anything. You are vast enough to hold it all. You are strong, wise, and resilient. You are powerful beyond measure. You can do hard things. You are the Whole, not this fragmented part you are healing. You can do this... you ARE doing this.

I am a Leo Sun, Virgo Moon and Scorpio Rising. I hold the archetype codes of QUEEN (Leo)
{from shamanic astrology}

It is my sacred mission to 


meet your guide

journey with US

3x group coaching calls per month, approx. 75- 90 min, via Zoom
plus 1 integration week~
9 group calls over 12 weeks 

What's included...

1x 60 min individual coaching session per month; 3 indiv calls over 12 weeks

Weekly integration activities (homework) to ground in week's theme: worksheets, meditations, suggested practices, etc.

An intimate coven. Only accepting max 12 women. Private What'sApp group for members to share insights, struggles, wins, questions, etc. in-between calls

birthing your true self= priceless

Count me in

Shed the masks/roles/personas that have kept you limited, caged, stalled in your growth.

Heal your "victim story" & take radical responsibility for your life starting here & NOW

Stop people-pleasing, walking on eggshells, blending in & all the things that dim your FULLEST authentic expression of you.

Heal & re-integrate fragmented parts of you that you pushed away/down because it was "unsafe" somehow to let those parts express

Reclaim your unique journey, gifts/medicine, purpose & stop trying to make it fit in a box or look like everyone else's 

Connect with your Soul, your aspect of Divine Consciousness, and get crystal clear on the next steps in your unique journey

Expand into your next level/evolution & stop feeling paralyzed by fear/uncertainty; take BOLD action toward creating your soul's dreams

what you can experience from this program

What you can experience 
from this program

Personal Investment


and 2x payments of $288


INCLUDES 3 indiv sessions over 12 weeks

3 mo payment plan available