You have everything you need within you to create your soul's dreams!


In working with Shanella you can completely transform your internal and external world! 

Get ready to be ACTIVATED for: 
holistic self-healing
deep insights & clarity
psyche/ego integration
soul alignment & embodiment

Imagine experiencing the profound power of aligning with your Highest Self & the ecstatic bliss of being the divine co-creator of your most
wild authentic life!

ways to work together

Group Coaching

A 12 week sacred container leading you thru an UnderWorld Metamorphosis Journey

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8 or 16 week
1:1 Coaching

A profound 1:1 journey of healing, integrating, aligning, embodying & creating your soul's dreams

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Soulful Entrepreneur Support Group

2 month support group for new soulful entrepreneurs

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Exploratory Session

Experience my soul-alignment coaching 1st hand before committing to a package

Free Clarity Call

Simply fill out the questionnaire to receive a 20 min Clarity Call 

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common themes we work on in soul-aligned counseling

Navigating big life transitions (especially motherhood)

Anxiety, depression, grief & loss

Infusing more soul in life, love & career choices

Feeling lost, stuck, unsure & confused about life path

Addressing soul loss (feeling disconnected from soul)

Healing from addictions

Improving relationships & intimacy

Healing old wounding & trauma

Money mindset, abundance & law of attraction

To LOVE your job, your work in the world. You want passion, purpose, creative expression AND fair compensation for your gifts.

if you let yourself dream big

do you secretly want it all?! 

A DEEP relationship or partnership. You want to connect on a soul-level. You want to be able to be your authentic self and be loved for who you truly are.

A loving relationship with your body; To feel vibrant, energetic, strong and at ease in your body.

Your mind/thoughts to be peaceful, loving, grateful and joyful. 

To overcome your addictions - to alcohol/drugs or consumerism/ shopping or food/sugar or whatever it is for you (we ALL have some sort of addiction).

To create meaningful life experiences such as; travel with loved ones or take that art class you’ve always wanted or write that book or move to South America!

if you let yourself dream big do you secretly want it all? 

but perhaps...

You can’t have it ALL

Only the “lucky ones” get to create lives like that

That’s just not the way the world works

You’re afraid to even admit these desires out loud because you’ve been programmed to believe:

You just don’t have ____ (the money, the education, the connections, the genes, etc.) to create those things

Well I’m here to bust your socialized ego’s bubble because those are just thoughts or sub-conscious beliefs and they can all be changed!

You may be wondering but HOW?? “I’ve tried so many strategies and techniques but I only make a little progress and then fall back into my habitual lifestyle.”

I feel ya. I was there too. For YEARS. But I transformed my own life using the following method and I know without a doubt that if you are willing to apply these principles and do the inner work that you can transform your life too. 

1:1 Curriculum


heal the mind

Heal  the mind

Excavate the subconscious, socially programmed beliefs that are no longer serving your highest good. This involves deep psyche exploration. Once discovered, then we energetically release and clear those beliefs. It’s not enough to just complete at the mental level; the work must be done at the energetic level. Then true healing has begun. Once these beliefs are weakened or cleared, you can begin reprogramming your mind with beliefs more in alignment with your Soul

 We strengthen your connection to your Soul, your divinity within, your Highest Self. The Soul speaks a different language that our mind cannot easily interpret. We’ll figure out how YOUR soul speaks to YOU. We’ll re-discover your Soul’s Core Truths. We’ll strengthen your ability to hear your Soul’s message (intuition) AND to taken inspired aligned action. Because insight without action keeps you stuck in your old life.


Design your life

Now that we are aligned with your Soul’s Truth and have healed the subconscious sabotaging, we can take *massive action* to design & create the life you dream about! But we’ve differentiated your ego’s desires from your soul’s desires so you’re no longer chasing the image of a lifestyle than doesn’t truly come from within you. This is where soul meets strategy. I help you redesign your life with detailed planning including: goal setting, action steps, progress tracking, accountability and so much more! Remember this is not your standard self-improvement "to-do" list; these desires come from your deepest Truth!


embody your

 whole self

Embody your whole self

By this point in the program, you have TRANSFORMED and raised your vibration to be closer to your soul’s authentic signature. Now we work to maintain and embody the “new you” you are evolving into. This includes continuously taking soul-aligned action that is meaningful to you. We address possible self-sabotage & old lifestyle triggers and are pro-active by having a plan in place to redirect you back to your Truth. Your life becomes a practice of embodiment of your Highest Self... and you receive all the gifts that come with that!


it should be noted...

This process is not linear. You will constantly be healing, aligning and creating throughout your entire life. You will discover deeper and deeper parts of your sub-conscious to heal. You will constantly need to liberate yourself from your limiting beliefs as you are met with ever-new challenges in life. You will have to re-align with LOVE again and again. But from working with me, you will have the tools and confidence to do so. 

Because you will KNOW, not just intellectually but on an experiential level, how to transform your life! You will experience the profound power of aligning with your Soul and actually manifesting your deepest desires. You will take this work with you and keep using it for the rest of your life. 

Align with your soul

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what we work through together

"she is a fierce champion for your soul and is tireless in gently turning you back toward it."

"Working with Shanella blew my world wide open. She is a fierce champion for your soul and is tireless in gently turning you back toward it when you get lost in your mind. Before working with Shanella, I had so much anxiety about the future and HOW I was going to manifest my vision. I learned it truly is all about alignment and allowing! She helped me align with my soul on such a deep level. Now I have a strong foundation of trust and inner confidence.” ~ Emma

"her presence allows me to open to deep parts of myself."

 "I am so grateful for the time I have spent with Shanella. Her presence allows me to open to deep parts of myself, which she holds energetically with loving acceptance. I feel the strength of her support as I move forward in my life and know that I am forever changed from my experience with her."

~ Lillie

"she has this way of taking what my mind says & turning it back into the language of my soul."

"Shanella has this way of taking what my mind says and turning it back into the language of my soul so that I can understand it better. Shanella’s interpretation and perspective resonates so deeply with truth. Sometimes the best way “home” is while holding the hand of someone who knows the way." ~ Brit

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client love notes

the details

60 min sessions via phone or Zoom

Totally customized to your needs. You can receive coaching every week or every other week.

You will be sent informative content (written, audio or video) about the theme we are working through that week.

Weekly integration assignments: journal prompts, reflection questions, suggested practices and/or action steps. 

If sent to me in a timely manner I review all your reflection/ integration homework assignments before our next coaching call

That way our “face to face” time is maximized and I am caught up & well-informed to dive right into what is most pressing for you in the present moment

Throughout our time together, we will be following my curriculum but it will be highly tailored to your individual needs. 

8-16 week coaching packages

liberate yourself

Neurolinguistic Programming & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
 Identifying thought patterns and changing your thoughts/ self-talk 

Some tools I work with...

Cognitive Strategies

Deep psyche exploration & integration

Healing the childhood beliefs that create the disempowering mental dialogue

Reprogramming the subconscious mind

You can’t heal just by thinking; healing requires MOVING energy. This may include crying, physical movement, vocal release, visualization/ imagery, breath work, etc.

Somatic Healing

Tools to create the vibrational state to attract more of want you want; changing your vibrational attraction point

Vibrational Alignment

Ways to strengthen your intuition, discover your “soul language” and begin cultivating immense self-love

Spiritual Connection

• 60 minutes via phone or Zoom 

• Includes pre-session questionnaire to maximize clarity & potency

• If you desire, payment & session can be applied to a package if you commit within 14 days

• Eight 60 min sessions spanning either 8 weeks or 16 weeks- (sessions every week or every other week)

• In-depth content, questions or action steps delivered via email which I review your responses before our next session!

• Priority email response the duration of your package

• BONUS* channeled tarot reading session with me if paid in full
($150 value!) 

Payment plans available

Personal Investment

Payment plans available

• The most comprehensive way to work with me. For those wanting the highest level of support. 

• Spanning 16 weeks, 60 min session every single week
via phone or Zoom 

• In-depth content, questions or action steps delivered weekly via email which I review your responses before our next session!

• What's App voice messenger access the entire 16 weeks 

• BONUS* channeled tarot reading session with me if paid in full
($150 value!)

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2 months of support from like-minded new soulful entrepreneurs

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An intimate & sacred 12 week UnderWorld Metamorphosis Journey 

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