Soul Bloom

Group Coaching Program

your soul is calling you 

A 6 week sacred container for a small group of women ready 
for your SOUL BLOOM

There is *something* that's been gnawing on you, a desire that returns again & again, a nudge that doesn't go away, a pull toward something MORE


Your ego's safety mechanisms, your default, auto-response patterns, your social conditioning, your comfort zone, your upper limit, your fixed identity... all these things could possibly be sabotaging your transformation  

It's time to heal these outdated, distorted programs and let your Soul shine!

 Over 6 weeks, we will:

~ Align with your Soul to gain clarity & insight on exactly what concrete action she'd like to change right now

~ Heal whatever if blocking you from taking that action (alchemize resistance, heal distorted social programs within your psyche, reframe failure narratives, rewrite victimization stories and so much more!) 

~ Design your life; create a detailed plan to execute your Soul's vision. Get accountability from the group as your move forward into ACTION

~Begin to EMBODY that part of your Soul that wants fuller expression & more vitality, peace, joy, sensuality, vibracy, creativity, etc. 

Will you journey with us?

Some part of you wants to be free. She wants EXPRESSION.
She's been pushed down & ignored for far too long.

She wants to:
change your life
create your dreams
 go after your big visions
live a life TRUE to YOU


But something has been getting in the way

let's create your soul-led transformation!

We begin 4/18/22

These are highly engaged, interactive group calls

As we're only accepting 7 women for this cohort, every woman will be encouraged to share on every call &  in our What's App group
in-between calls

There is no hiding here. We want to see you, feel you, know you, help support you & feel truly in community for our time together

There will be integration assignments each week to apply the principles of that week's theme to your life

All calls recorded if you cannot make it live (although you will get the most out of this group if you attend live)


The Alchemical Process

align with your soul

What does your Soul TRULY desire?

You know you want to transform your life but you want it to be
soul-led not ego-driven 

We get crystal clear on what exactly your Soul yearns to express right now

Thru a guided journey we meet with your Soul & receive input about the NEXT right step in your path

Thru journal prompts/questions we make a rough draft map of where you'd like to go, what you want to change, etc. 

We share our insights with the group; we speak our Soul Truths; we are lovingly supported & encouraged to move toward these longings

We cultivate "soul connection practices" to utilize the duration of program (and hopefully for life!)

1 & 2

heal resistance

heal resistance

There is a reason we haven't acted on these Soul yearnings (or why we haven't followed thru consistently)

The next step is addressing our RESISTANCE to these changes

We journey into our subconscious mind (via a guided journey) to meet aspects/parts of ourselves that are not "on board" with our Soul transformation

We dialogue with them, hear their concerns/fears/objections; we lovinging witness them & accept them for their current level of awareness AND
we also show them an expanded vision, our Soul Vision, and ask for their allyship in moving forward  

plan & execute

This is where
Soul meets strategy

We have gotten clarity on WHAT to do, we have CLEARED out resistance to taking action, now we make a PLAN & get accountable

We share our plan with the group; we implement the changes; we receive support

We address obstacles, struggles, challenges; we celebrate wins!

We course-correct & adjust as we flow with life

We gain life-long skills & a repeatable process for soul-led transformation in any area of our life!

5 & 6

 soul embodiment

soul embodiment

By the end of program, you have TRANSFORMED. You  continue to take soul-aligned action toward your Soul Vision. Your life becomes a practice of embodiment of your Soul/Highest Self... and you receive all the gifts that come with that!

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Are you ready?! 

what we work through together

3 & 4



Hi loves, I'm Shanella

I'm a holistic psychotherapist, soul-aligned transformation coach, mom, sacred rebel, shadow weaver & divine co-creatrix.

I've been studying the mind/psyche & human social behavior for 18 years. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's degree in Marriage & Family (aka Relational) Counseling.

I am a Leo Sun, Virgo Moon and Scorpio Rising. I hold the archetype codes of QUEEN (Leo)
{from shamanic astrology}

I have been through my own soul-led metamorphosis several times throughout my life.   

I am steady in always reminding you... you can heal anything. You are vast enough to hold it all. You are strong, wise, and resilient. You are powerful beyond measure. You can do hard things. You are the Whole, not this fragmented part you are healing. You can do this... you ARE doing this.

It is my sacred mission to help HEAL & LIBERATE humanity to live our Soul's Truth


meet your guide

journey with US

6x group coaching calls
 approx. 75- 90 min, via Zoom
all recorded

What's included...

add 1x 60 min individual coaching session anytime over 6 week duration

Weekly integration activities (homework) to ground in week's theme: worksheets, meditations, suggested practices, etc.

An intimate coven. Only accepting max 7 women. Private What'sApp group for members to share insights, struggles, wins, questions, etc. in-between calls

birthing your true self= priceless

Count me in

Shed the masks/roles/personas that have kept you limited, caged, stalled in your growth.

Heal your "victim story" & take radical responsibility for your life starting here & NOW

Stop people-pleasing, walking on eggshells, blending in & all the things that dim your FULLEST authentic expression of you.

Heal & re-integrate fragmented parts of you that you pushed away/down because it was "unsafe" somehow to let those parts express

Reclaim your unique journey, gifts/medicine, purpose & stop trying to make it fit in a box or look like everyone else's 

Connect with your Soul, your aspect of Divine Consciousness, and get crystal clear on the next steps in your unique journey

Expand into your next level/evolution & stop feeling paralyzed by fear/uncertainty; take BOLD action toward creating your soul's dreams

what you can experience from this program

What you can experience 
from this program